Thursday, May 30, 2013

Joy in the Journey

Today we went for a walk along the beach on the base.  I cannot put into words how relaxing it is to walk hand in hand with my love and reflect on the beauty of this island.  I feel so blessed to be here, next to my sweetheart.  We are finding joy in the journey every day.  Married life is just the best.  This time is so precious for us because we know that soon enough we will be joined with little ones who will take more time and attention.  So for now, we are happy to just be together and to be in love.

We are also extremely grateful for good friends.  Anthonie tells me all the time that he feels more calm about his deployment knowing that I will be surrounded by great friends here.  One of my insta-best-friends was Caroline.  She has such a giving heart and is so kind to me.  She stopped by with her family to welcome us home and brought me these beautiful sun flowers!  Then, the next day, she gave me this awesome planter because I happened to mention that I liked it on her front door step.  She is so generous with her love and a true example to me of the Christian spirit.  I can always count on Caroline to be there for me and is helping me to feel like I belong here in Oak Harbor.

Gifts from a good friend make my heart happy

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