Friday, May 10, 2013

Crossing the Threshold

We did it!  We finally crossed the threshold (literally) into married life!  Here's the proof:

Thanks to Claudia and Doug for the photos!

But before we could ceremoniously cross the threshold, we had to drive for a long, long time.  Leaving Utah was harder than I anticipated.  I cried as we waved good-bye to grandpa, worried that I may not see him again.  After Grandma passed three years ago, we are all painfully aware of how short life is and how quickly it can pass before we even think it has begun.

Speaking of beginnings, Anthonie and I began our marriage with a drive from Utah to Washington.  We stopped to take some photos at a beautiful look out.

Somewhere in Idaho.  Maybe Oregon.  Not exactly sure to be honest.
How I looked to my husband
How he looked to me

How we looked together
It was sunny the whole way. We had fun talking, kissing, sleeping, listening to music, relaxing and talking about our hopes and dreams for our life together. (Yes, we kiss in the car!)  When we got to Washington, it was surprisingly sunny, which exceeded our expectations and made for a good day to unpack our trailer.  We're so thankful that Aunt Claudia and Uncle Doug drove our trailer all the way to Washington.  They were so kind to help us pack it all up and unpack it too!  After we unpacked, it was time to open all the wedding presents!

Thank you to everyone who came to the wedding and for the many people who have sent cards, cash, and gifts! It's been so fun to open up the mailbox every day and see a new treat!  (We're working hard to get all the thank-you cards written, and if you haven't gotten yours yet, just hold on!)

Married life is great!  Anthonie and I are feeling so loved and blessed.  Our very first FHE was on eternal marriage, which we feel so blessed to be a part of.   It's so wonderful to see how Anthonie has grown into a strong priesthood holder.  He sets such a good example to me and I know that he will set one for our children in the future.  I am already dreading Anthonie going back to work.  I'm in denial that I don't have a job yet and am hoping to find one very quickly!

Well, I've got to go because my husband is getting ready to take me to the temple in Seattle!  Yay! I love going to the temple and am so happy that my husband loves taking me for our date days!

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