Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Cute Cuts

Apparently, we've been spending a lot of time primping post-wedding.  I don't know why, but lately ALWAYS I am obsessed with pictures of my nails:
Aren't these chevron's to die for?

And my bedspread is pretty cute too!
Not only am I pimping out my nails, but I'm also now the professional hair-cutter in this house!  Can you believe Anthonie actually ASKED me to cut his hair?  My sister, Tessa, would have probably advised him against it. (I tortured her with hair dos and 1st-degree-burns from curling irons for years!)  To have a willing patron, I am flattered to say the least!  Plus, I think it turned out pretty great!
So relaxed!

Perfection is a Process
I went for the emo / old-school swoosh in the front on this one.

UPDATE:  The next time I cut Anthonie's hair, I totally trimmed the front off and didn't even take pictures.  I'm already so casual about it now... Funny how time and practice takes away the magic!  But we work hard to keep the magic in other areas of our marriage!

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