Saturday, July 20, 2013

Don't Stop This Train

Anthonie's home from his DET!! We didn't think he'd make it home in time to get to the John Mayer concert, but he did! Two days before he left, he came home with two free tickets to the concert from his LPO. We were so excited (even though we weren't sure he'd be back in time!)

The day arrived and I had spent all week packing up for our little camping trip four hours west of here. Anthonie called in the morning and said that he'd be getting in way too late. But I felt that we should at least try. So I went to lunch and decided to let it go. Then before I knew it, he arrived! We got in the car and booked it out of town! The drive to The Gorge was beautiful and relaxing.

So happy to have husband home!
The Road
Windmills are so calming!
I love driving with Mr. N. it's so relaxing to listen to music together, hold hands and talk about whatever comes to mind. I've always loved that we can cover any topic under the sun and still learn and grow from each other. 

When we got to the campsite, it was very windy!!! We had to work extra hard to put up the tent, but we got it up and then rushed to the show! We missed all the opening bands, but got there just in time for the real deal!! John Mayer was soooo good live! I loved hearing some of our old favorites and cuddling to some new ones. I fell in love with the new song "Don't Worry" -- or something like that. It was really well done and the lyrics were awesome. Anthonie and I took a walk and ended up right near the front and it was fun to watch JM from closer up. He really is unique.

Waiting for John Mayer to come on.

So happy to be together again! 
Looking West 
Still waiting...

Panorma View at The Gorge Amphitheater in WA
Happy Faces!
After the concert we went back to camp and tried to get some sleep in the wind! Halfway through the night, we had an unexpected visitor... An ant flew into Anthonie's ear!  Anthonie said it felt like a weird tapping and vibrating noise on his ear drum.  He woke up to this noise and didn't know what it was, so we were worried we'd have to make a trip to the ER.  Luckily, as soon as I shined a light on his ear, the ant found its way out.  (I made a video of Anthonie telling this story, but somehow it has disappeared.)

Then we drove home. Perfect weekend getaway and celebration of the end of ten days apart!

See!  We really do love to drive! :)

Monday, July 8, 2013

There's No Such Thing As A Good-bye

Anthonie left for a DET yesterday. I'm not excited about it and have been in denial that it was really coming all week.  It was hard to say goodbye and I'm the only wife who came to the terminal to kiss my sailor goodbye.  After he left, I immediately wanted to go home to Utah and even spent half of a day learning about Space-A travel in the hopes I could fly home for free.  (No such luck -- he has to be with me, or on orders of 120 days.)
Last photo together... on Anthonie's new phone
 I spent the late night before he left writing some LOVE NOTES for him to find in his luggage!  He had a hard time finding the V and the N, but he was sweet enough to take a photo for me!

My hubby loves me so much, he even made an antique version of the picture!  (His new phone is really cool!)  I love that Anthonie knows how to make me feel special and appreciated.  I hope that my efforts to keep his spirits high helped him to feel as loved as he makes me feel.  We're so happy to be married!
Now that hubby's away, I'm going to be working on a lot of projects in the next few days!  Stay tuned for photos and a tour of our cute house!