Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Night = Date Night!

 Anthonie has started our marriage off on the right foot.  He has officially declared Friday night as DATE NIGHT!  This makes me happy for several reasons:
1.  I love going out!  Trying new things is something we love to do together.
2.  I love getting dressed up!  (It helps that Anthonie always tells me I look beautiful too!)
3.  I love spending time with my husband.  He really is amazing.
4.  I get to eat yummy food! 'Nuff said!
 Tonight he took me to Greenbank Farms, which is a cute little community farm located 15 mins south of Oak Harbor.  It was so quaint and lovely!  We loved exploring the cheese shop, watching the geese and going on a little walk.  We also loved the panini Anthonie ordered from the cute cafe there!  If you have the chance, take your kids!  It would be so fun to walk around and see all the stores!

We arrived a little late, when everyone was closing up, so we will have to go back again soon!

Lastly, this is the view from our backyard.  So lush, green and perfect!

Also, I got the bedroom curtains up!  It's looking very quaint if I do say so myself.  I'm loving sharing a bed with Mr. Nederhand.  I feel so safe and warm cuddled up next to him at night.  I highly recommend getting married.  It has made life so much simpler.  Plus, if you have a husband, you always have a date on Friday night!  ;)

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