Monday, June 3, 2013

1st Month Anniversary

Today is our First Month Anniversary!

I posted this picture on Instagram saying, "Yay, baby!  We made it!"  Of course, this is only the first of many anniversaries, but we still wanted to make it special.  I made sure to capture the most important things in our home right now -- our wedding rings.  (Of course, I had no table to put them on, so they're resting on the TV for now, but THINGS don't matter!)

Before I could even get my picture posted, Anthonie wrote me a sweet love note before leaving for work.  Of course, it made me cry. The best line was, "Thank you so much for making this place a home. I love what you have done with it."  I am so blessed to have an appreciative husband who loves to compliment me.  I am so grateful for everything he is doing and how hard he works to provide for us.

Right after the inagural anniversary post, I opened the front door and found this:

My diploma!! I feel so honored to finally have a piece of paper showing my sacrifice and accomplishment in college.  Yay!!

Later, Anthonie took me on a special date.  We hiked to the highest spot on Whidbey Island.
Panorama of Goose Rock, near Deception Pass
We ate a little picnic of summer sausage, cheese, and "Mormon Wine" (aka. sparkling apple cider) as we basked in the spectacular view and enjoyed holding each other.  We also finished the book we've been reading together, "The Name of the Wind" by Patrick Rothfuss.  I highly recommend it; the main character, Kvothe, is so interesting.  All in all, it was a very monumental, romantic and memorable day.  I'm so happy to be married to my love, for time and all eternity!

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