Saturday, June 15, 2013

Furniture Fever!

Vintage dining table in creme
 I'm going crazy! Somehow I didn't realize that after getting married we would have NO furniture.  We've been sitting at a card table for almost two months and people are noticing that we don't have a sofa.  The bishop came over to visit when we first moved in and he asked us if we needed anything besides a sofa.  It's pretty bad if your bishop is asking you if you ever plan to get one. 

The good news is that the wait is over!  We finally got our Navy benefits and a large check for our moving reimbursement.  So two days ago, I went and picked up this cute table.  I saw it on  a few days ago and luckily it was still available.  It fits perfectly in our space and now we can have four guests for dinner!  I am in love with the chairs.  Anthonie was very supportive of my decision and helped me clean them up.

Sofa in the Salesroom
Today, I convinced Anthonie to go with me to the furniture store on base, called the NEX Home Gallery.  I had heard that they don't charge taxes there and saw that they were having a 5 - 30 % off sale!  (Hopefully we're holding a lucky ticket for 30% off.) 

As soon as I sat on this sofa, I knew I wanted to take it home with me.  It's the exact color and shape that I've been wanting.  It's brand new and it's so cute.  Anthonie could see that I was falling in love, so he agreed that we would come home and "talk it over" and make sure that it fit in our budget. 

Sofa's chevron pattern in tweed!
Of course, as soon as we got home I started talking.  "It's the exact size, shape and color that I want.  We won't be charged taxes.  It's cheaper than some of the used sofa's I've seen on craigslist.  Plus you want a new sofa anyway.  It was comfortable..."  I was talking and thinking about how perfect it would be, when I realized that my lips were being blocked... Anthonie was kissing me while I was talking!  So for a while we kissed.  And then I started convincing again.  Finally Anthonie says, "Angela, we're getting the couch."  I was so excited that I wanted to leap for joy and shout YAAYYYY!!  But I was already being pulled into a steamy embrace that lasted for quite a while....  ;)

I'm so excited that we're getting a sofa!!  More details soon to come!  And maybe then I'll get pictures of our cute house up!

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