Monday, June 10, 2013

Fashion Fun and Friends

Black bubble necklace
Checking out my booty
I'm totes digging my new blue pants.  Ok, let's be honest, I'm obsessed!  Last time I wore them, my adorable husband said, "Who is the lady wearing the hot pants?  Oh yeah!  It's my wife!" This comment immediately turned me on (we're newlyweds... it's to be expected!)

Since I've had more free time in the last five weeks than I have in the past five years, I'm really having fun experimenting with styles.  Lest you think, "But it's June!  Why are you wearing a sweater?" let me explain.  It's cold here in Washington!!  There's not even been a clear enough day for me to wear short sleeves yet!  Yesterday, I wore a sweater on a bike ride!  I am not used to this weather and I am terrified that I will miss out on my HOTT summer.  So I'm wearing hot clothes instead!  

Also, before someone rains on my parade about sock buns being "so last season" let me say, just say, this the easiest hair do I've ever had!  Please don't ruin it for me.  Yes, I've read that they can look "matronly" in the words of Elle magazine, but seriously -- what's matronly about a bright orange-red sweater with flowers?  Or my cute, young and adorable face?  If you think "matronly" while looking at these photos, I may have to punch you in the face.

Besides overanalyzing my closet, I've also spent a lot of time skyping/face-timing my lovely friends around the world!  My day is always brighter when I get to talk to my Mom or Sister (who live in Abu Dhabi, UAE). And if Courtney calls me from Alpine, I can be sure that no house tasks will be done for the next two hours (or three, or five...)  Viewers beware; we spend most of that time making faces at each other.  As shown here:

 And of course we laugh together afterwords about how weird we look.

Recently, I've discovered a new friend in Oak Harbor who has a beautiful view off her back porch.  The best part is that we're related! My great-aunt-Wanda is the aunt to my uncle!  It really is a small world (and Wanda's world is the prettiest of them all!)  I'm looking forward to grilling some hot dogs and enjoying the view this summer!

Wanda's backyard view

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