Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween at Home

Happy Halloween from Oak Harbor! 

We started the festivities off here early with a Ward Hillbilly Harvest Hoedown! We all dressed up like cowboys and cowgirls and had ourselves a hoot n' hollarin' good time!

I was on the committe, so I designed the backdrop for our photobooth - as hillbilly as I could make it, of course.  It was fun to feel like I was living in the wild, wild west with a handsome cowboy to protect me!

Caroline, Taylor & Eli
Eli doesn't like his photo taken.

Of course, it was a lot of work, but these events are always worth the extra effort to make them special.  I also designed the invitation and we had a bigger turn out than expected.  We were asked to invite our friends and neighbors to the activity, so I brought Caroline, Taylor and Eli Phan, as well as Sarah & Don Cameron and their two sons Markus and Jonah (we didn't get a picture, sadly!).  Everyone enjoyed eating, but shied away from the dancing!

Brecken holds tight! 
Folks enjoyed the photobooth a lot.  I saw a lot of families get their photo taken, but my favorite was little Brecken (Dano & Jeremiah Church's son). Dano and I did a lot of thrift shopping for the event and she found him the cutest outfit!  He was the most captivating cowboy there!

My favorite part of the night was the country dancing.  We did some fun line dances and even learned some really cool hoe-down moves from a real caller.  I'm so blessed to have a husband who loves to dance with me.  I hope it's something we do together for the rest of our lives.



Laura & Henry Campbell
We both have felt welcomed in our ward here.  It seems like we get to know people better at every event and find even more joy in sharing the gospel with these fine folks.  My neighbor and friend, Laura Campbell has already helped me out more than once!

Pumpkin Pina Colada
After the excitement of the Hoedown, I decorated the house for fall and made a DELICIOUS pumpkin pina colada drink. It was soooo good, that it may need to become a family tradition!

We also had our inaugural Nederhand Pumpkin carving.  I love being newlywed because everything we do together for the first year is NEW (and a sign of many wonderful years to come!)  So far, we established that Anthonie is more patient at pumpkin carving than I am (no surprise there!)  He was so meticulous and took his time to make our pumpkin perfect.

Pumpkin guts are yucky!
Our owl pumpkin is coming to life!
I also have spent a lot of time working on my chalkboard art while working at the Purple Moon. Couldn't resist sharing on the blog as well!


When we got the pumpkins all lit, I decided to throw together a last minute costume -- just for fun!  I really am sad that the yellow duck costume has not survived all the family moves, but at least I have a picture!  
Then & Now Halloween Costumes

Don't miss out on hearing our funny voices!

Insta Halloween Art

Happy Spooking everyone!

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